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 Scouting Ahead

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PostSubject: Scouting Ahead   Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:08 pm

As the helicopter raised up an left the Island Raven watched carefully for anyone that might have seen , they were careful an used stealth gear to truck any computer surveillance systems but never know if anyone could have been watching . But hey Umbrella knew bout them an never fought back in advance , she always figured they liked something challenging to test their new weapons on . " Sick jerks" she shook her head an pulled out her katanas .

Making her way through the jungle to get through to the facility she kept her eyes focused on what was around her , it was quiet almost too quiet . She finally found her way to the entrance , jumping up into a tree for camouflage she pulled out her binoculars to get a better look .

It all seemed quiet there was a concrete fenced in yard of Umbrella brand trucks more than likely to be transferring the bio weapons to the docks to be shipped to other countries , the guards were not many so it would be easy breezy for them to get in once they grabbed a key card .

Raven sent the details Via email to Marie an stood by waiting for the others to arrive before entering .
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Scouting Ahead
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