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 Jason, last name unknown. Codes named project X by umbrella. Resistance member

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PostSubject: Jason, last name unknown. Codes named project X by umbrella. Resistance member   Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:58 am

Name: Jason. (Code named project X by umbrella corporation. That's what umbrella corp agents call him).
Age: 15
Affiliation: Resistance
Apperance: 5 foot 7 inches tall. Straight black hair almost down over his eyes. Pale skin. Electric blue eyes. Great muscle tone. Skinny. Wears a black hoodie, black t shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers while in combat.
Weapons: Barrett 50. Cal sniper rifle (scaled down to fit someone his size). Dual sub machine Guns mounted on his legs (depending on mission may or may not be silenced). And assassins creed style blade gauntlets under the sleeves of his hoodie. Blades can eject all the way so he is holding two knives, one in each hand.
Powers: accelerated healing, superhuman strength and speed, and telekinisis (telekinisis is still developing so dont count on it being reliable, may even be a hazard until chapter 3). Advanced combat training against normal humans with weapons and other stuff. And against the creatures created by the T-Virus. Highly accurate with his sniper.
Personality: outcast unless he is spoken too. Kind of mysterious. Loyal to the death to his team. Humor ranges from normal to very dark. He is a romantic. Highly intelligent
History: taken by umbrella and trained, experimented on, and torchered until the outbreak. Jason is a project Alice in a male teenage form, he is also Alice's little brother. When the virus broke out in the hive, Alice seized the chance to break out her little brother. They fought alongside eachother in the raccoon city event. She left him with the resistance. Saying she would be better off attacking umbrella alone. But Jason knows she did it thinking he would be safer with the resistance. He is trained to be the best of the best in military sniper, and stealth. If needed he is a deadly CQC combatant. His only wish however, is to find a girl his age who will love him for him. Not because he is strong or attractive. But love who he is. Umbrella knows this, they will use it against him.
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Jason, last name unknown. Codes named project X by umbrella. Resistance member
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