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 Mastema Grimm

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PostSubject: Mastema Grimm   Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:26 am

Name: Mastema Grimm.
Gender: Male
Nickname: Grimm.
Age: 33.
Body Type: Considering his violent and out of the ordinary background, Mastema is in perfect shape and has a perfect muscle-tone and Athletic body structure. Also, thanks to Virus-13, he is incapable of aging past the age he was at the time of being injected. Although he may actually age, he will never LOOK older than he did when he was injected. IE:30
Height: 6'1".
Affiliation: None/Mercenary/Lone Wolf. Will join Resistance.
Favorite Sayings/Quotes: 1: "Kill 'em all, Fuck sorting them out." 2: "Attack Plan? I have a plan...Attack."
Weapons: 2 Black Chromed Colt .45 M1911's. A jagged, bloody, black-bladed Scythe, with a shotgun in the hilt. He has two KA-Bar Straight-Edge Combat Knives, hidden on his person. One is on the outside of his left boot, concealed by his pants. The other knife is hidden on the underside of his right wrist, concealed by his jacket.
Habits: Chain smoker, and magically seems to always have an endless supply of cigarettes, despite the Apocalypse. Loves to hear himself talk, for just the sound of his own voice if nothing else. Always talks himself up, and can obviously back it up. Thinks he's indestructible, but obviously not. Is a lone wolf, but would much rather face an entire horde by himself, than see one person fall to the outbreak.
Appearance: Mastema only wears black. His shirt, cargo pants, shoes and his leather jacket, are all black. Though having a "military" background, Mastema has an odd hairstyle. He has long dreadlocks, that come down, about two inches past his shoulder. His dreads are black, and thick, with beads in them that look like skulls. On the ends of some of his locks, he has shark teeth. Some people say his locks are a hindrance to his fighting, and might get in the way, but to him, they aren't a hairstyle, they're a weapon of mass destruction. Mastema also has a mustache and goatee, not very thick, but jet black, just like his hair. Mastema always has black sunglasses on. Even though he may be in a dark room, he will still wear his sunglasses at all times, because "When your awesome, the sun is always shining." His pistols are concealed in his jacket, in a body holster. His pistols are named "Death and War" though no one, including himself, really knows which is which, since they share an exact appearance. Grimm's scythe is named "Reaper" and has the the word engraved upon the hilt, on each side. The Scythe is mounted on his back, with a special type of backpack.
Special Abilities/Attributes and History/Background: Mastema was a child soldier, at the age of 5, and he is proficient in ANY and every weapon known to exist. His Scythe is his favorite weapon and he considers it an "extension of himself" rather than a weapon. He has had it since he was 10. The first person Mastema ever killed, was at the age of 10, and the man was a highly trained Army Ranger. Mastema killed him without batting an eyelash. Mastema has a special genetic "defect" that allowed his mind, and body to progress at a much higher rate than that of a normal human, thus allowing Mastema to understand strategy, on a level beyond most Military strategists, at the age of 7. At the age of 8, He had the mind of a rocket scientist, the endurance of that of a perfect 21-year old, and the strength of 4 men. He was a prodigy, a one in a trillion. He is considered the Angel of Death, and most people who meet him, think he's insane for the kinds of stunts he pulls off. Despite his military training and ability to be "cool when the heat is on", Mastema is a absolute asshole. He will often intentionally attract attention to himself, just so he can put on a show, and have fun winning against all odd's. He will submit to authority, but only after he's deemed someone worthy of being in authority over him. Throughout his military career, and private mercenary career, after he simply "quit", he was a "one man army." He went toe-to-toe with Albert Wesker on three different occasions, and on one occasion, he bested Wesker, but each time, their fight was interrupted by some kind of distraction, allowing Wesker to get away. The week after the worldwide outbreak, Mastema was hired by Umbrella to keep one of their compounds ((different one than in Chapter 1)) safe. However, Wesker wanted to test a special version of the Virus on him, called "Virus-13". Mastema was 100% immune to the virus, for unknown reasons and instead of being turned into a monster, it somehow latched onto his DNA, and altered his abilities, and he developed powers. His powers include SUPER strength, SUPER speed/agility, increased vision and the ability to "sense" incoming danger. Mastema is known to go on a "blood frenzy" occasionally ((A side effect of the Virus)), and kill any and all who get in his way, be it friend or foe. However, since he's never had "friends", no one was a "friend" who he needed to look out for. Now, in the Resistance, he will actually try to be careful, and try to look out for the other members, though, their safety is NOT guaranteed. Blood Frenzy is noticeable by Mastema's dreadlocks and mustache/goatee turning a bright, almost glowing, red. A red glow can also be seen from behind his sunglasses Though a one in a trillion, he is still limited by his humanity, however, thanks to "Virus-13" he has been able to break away from his humanity, and become something more.

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Mastema Grimm
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