Who will rise up in the fight against Umbrella or fight with them ? Join an survive the outbreaks.
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 ~Marie Smith -Resistance Leader~

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PostSubject: ~Marie Smith -Resistance Leader~   Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:55 am

Name: Marie Isobella Smith

Age: 27

Height: 5’10

Hair: Brown almost black

Eyes: Blue

Affiliation: Resistance


Weapons: Whip , duel uzis an a silenced handgun

Special Skills: Shes very aerobatic an was one of the top scientist within Umbrella., she is also infused with a special metal alloy that is attacked to her spinal cord it manifests as angel wings that are thin an very sharp

Powers: Advance Healing , Speed , Immunity to the virus strands an more to come .

Crush’s : Carlos an Albert Wesker
History: Marie graduated High school an went to college at a young age , she graduated from college an became one of the youngest scientist under Umbrella corp

Marie worked on many projects including the Nemisis , she created her own called Angel . Only by manipulating her genes with the virus she was able to survive the process . Soon after the operation Umbrella tried to seize her an her research , she managed to escape an destroy all the info they needed to duplicate her work . She escaped into the city where she met up with Raven , Jill, Carlos an other survivors .

After escaping the dark fate of the doomed city Marie an the other took refuge in one of her old mansions with an underground lab an started the resistance to go against Umbrella an their supportive .
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~Marie Smith -Resistance Leader~
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